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Weed Control In Your Hands!

Nothing on the market today is faster than the Ergonica Turbo Weed Twister as shown in several videos on YouTube!

Ergonica WEED TWISTER Videos - Page 3 of 3

Wheelchair Applications with the Weed Twister - Yes You Can!

Which Weed Twister Model is Best for You?

Save Time and Effort with the Turbo Weed Twister!

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Wheelchair Weed Twister-Puller Wheelclhair Gardening Test 1

Bonnie attacks a large weed from her wheelchair using custom made 82-inch Ergonica Weed Twister. Background music provided accidentally by neighbor practicing his guitar. The 82-inch Weed Twister model was designed at Bonnie's request due to the placement of weeds away from her wheelchair access. She also has a standard 48-inch Ergonica Weed Twister which she uses for close-up weeds.

Wheelchair Weed Twister-Puller - Test 2 - 82-inch Length Tests Hand Strength

Bonnie goes after the roots of a big weed she has already decapitated with the help of her assistant, Maria, who wields a 48-inch Ergonica Weed Twister. As you will see, the combined 48-inch tool with the 82-inch prototype Weed Twister is too much medicine for this wayward weed. Bonnie's determination is amazing - and the exercise is good therapy. Bonnie was very helpful in helping us design and test several models.


Wheelchair Weed Twister-Puller - Test 3 - Grassy Weeds in Blackberries

Bonnie singles out a grassy weed growing among blackberries and other shrubs. Without the Ergonica Weed Twister, this weed would be difficult to reach and remove for anyone, whether wheelchair bound or not. Bonnie's determination is the biggest factor here, however.

Wheelchair Weed Twister-Puller: Adaptive Garden Tool -Test 4

Bonnie tests a special 82-inch Ergonica Weed Twister to seek and destroy weeds from her raised flowerbed. Like Sir Lancelot with a long lance, Madame Bonnie on her trusty motor-driven wheelchair threatens any weed that comes into view. Other garden tools cannot reach into some areas of this flowerbed. We designed this prototype Wheelchair Weed Twister based on Bonnie's requests.

Wheelchair 60-Inch Weed Twister-Puller vs. Weeds in Flowerbed

Bonnie helped us design and test this new 60-inch Ergonica Wheelchair Weed Twister. As most quadriplegics, Bonnie has limited use of her hands and arms, and this is one of very few tools she can effectively use to pull weeds and dispose of them all from the wheelchair in one operation, as shown in this video

Fruit-Picking Weed Twister Tool - Lemon Tree Test 1

Reaching high or reaching low, the Weed Twister is a versatile tool for various situations. For example, Maria uses the 48-inch Ergonica Weed Twister as a fruit-picker on a spontaneous effort to twist off a lemon high on a lemon tree. The Weed Twister - Fruit Picker! See the Advanced Weed Twister page for more ideas.



Weeding with the Weed Twister - Wheelchair Gardening - English Setter - Blackberries - Disability - Accessible Gardening - Raised Beds - Physical Therapy


Quadriplegic Removing Dead Plant With Weed Twister from Wheelchair! Also wheelchair tip for cup holder, water bottle - physical therapy...



WHEELCHAIR WEEDER - New 60 inch Weed Twister by ImBonnie

Ray Cruz, inventor of the Weed Twister had designed a special 60 inch weed twister for use from a wheelchair. The longer weed Twister makes if much easier to get weeds out from a wheelchair.

Gardening Tips and Tools by ImBonnie - Drip Irrigation Work

Gardening tips and tools. In this video I demonstrate how I set up my terraced raised planter system and set up a drip irrigation and sprinkler system. I also demonstrate some tools that may help those with disabilities.


When you're ready to buy your next weed pulling tool ask yourself:

  1. Can it pull out weeds with roots as deep as 6 to 12 inches or greater?
  2. Can it twist out networked grasses, vines and prostrate stems?
  3. Can it also work like a precise hoe against new seedlings and grasses?
  4. Is it a good match against all my most troublesome weeds?
  5. Can it help to reduce my dependence on herbicides?
  6. Is it strong but light weight and easy to carry around?
  7. Does it have a long handle, as long as 36-60 inches?
  8. Can I use my drill to replace manual twisting on some models?
  9. Can my drill-powered tool also be used manually?

If the answer to ALL these questions is YES, Buy It!
See a Big Collection of Unique Garden Weeding Tools by Ergonica!

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