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T-Handle 8-Inch Extension Kit

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Technical Details

bullet 8 inch steel rod assembly extends Ergonica Weed Twister 4 inch T-Handle to 8 inches
bullet Optional accessory for Ergonica Weed Twisters to enable two-handed twisting
bullet Works with all Ergonica T-Handle Weed Twisters except for Model A-36T
bullet Provides added torque when needed for tough soil or large weeds
bullet Not compatible with Weed Auger TurboTorx-36-42 Drill-Ready Weed Twisters

Product Description

T-Handle Extension Kit for the Ergonica WEED TWISTER (Optional) increases the handle length from 4 inches to 8 inches. Especially useful in clay soil or agricultural settings or conservation land management when removing larger weeds to provide 2-handed twisting and pulling. Not needed for most domestic applications or for the Dual Grip Agrotorq 54 with the added bar grip, except when extreme torque requirements are expected. Not designed for Drill-Ready Turbo Weed Twisters.


1.   Remove vinyl caps from T handle on tool

2.   Unscrew hex nut from 8-inch steel rod

3.   Remove one yellow grip tube near end of rod

4.   Insert rod into T handle tube on tool

5.   Replace yellow grip tube at outside end of rod

6.   Replace hex nut at end of rod

7.   Place vinyl caps over both ends of rod and hex nut

8.   Push vinyl caps firmly over yellow tube as far as possible

See - print instructions in PDF format.

Note: Not compatible with Drill-Ready Turbo Weed Twister or Model A-36T

Please recommend this site to your friends by e-mail.  By turning on your friends and neighbors to the Ergonica Weed Twister, you may also be helping to safeguard the ecology of your region. The Weed Twister is a Key to a Greener America especially when used as an alternative to harsh chemicals:

Spread the word, not the weeds, nor the herbicides, please!

Musings of Dr. Yucca: Let your garden thrive! A safe and sane delight.

Note:  The direct link to this web page is:  www.weedtwister.com/Weed_Twister_T-Handle_Extension_Kit.htm

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