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The WEED TWISTER is not only an effective tool to maintain landscapes and parks, but it is also more ergonomic for maintenance workers than other tools and manual extraction.

Many cities use chemicals for weed control or simply ignore the weeds that cannot be mowed or whacked.  To reduce costs, the weeds are either mowed, whacked, poisoned or ignored.

The WEED TWISTER is an economic, efficient and eco-friendly tool to add to these alternatives especially for weeds in lawns and flowerbeds where chemicals, weed whackers and mowers are not appropriate.  Great productivity with precision can be achieved by the Turbo Weed Twister.

Disabled persons may also be enabled as maintenance workers by the use of the Ergonica WEED TWISTER! In addition to weeding, the WEED TWISTER is also useful for tilling, clearing leaves and debris, digging small holes and trenches and probing the earth in search of buried objects.  And most of these operations can be performed by a seated worker using only one hand!  A truly versatile and effective tool!


Wheelchair Weed Twister Video

For more information about the various techniques and applications of the WEED TWISTER, see the Advanced Tips page on this web.

As a government employer, you may request a free sample of the WEED TWISTER by contacting Ergonica.  You may also identify your organization as an Enabled Weed Twister Employer.  An Enabled Weed Twister Employer is an organization who employs maintenance workers with physical impairments who may use the WEED TWISTER on the job.   You may also send a letter to Ergonica on your government agency letterhead requesting the free sample and include a business card that identifies the agency and your position in the agency.  For large orders, please  use the Ergonica Shopping Cart Calculator.  Purchase orders may also be negotiated using the same Shopping Cart Calculator.

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For more information or other options to purchase the WEED TWISTER contact Ergonica at products1[AT]ergonica.com.

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